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Cookies are small pieces of data that is collected on our browser and are used to keep track of the settings of users and the actions they take on this site.

We use cookies on our site to bring you the best experience possible. The first type of cookies we use is first-party cookies, some of which are necessary in order to provide site security and site login identity. We also have cookies that are used to track unique visitors, their sessions, and site rendering. This data collected is for site-monitoring purposes only, and for the creator to see how the site is growing.

Third-party cookies are also on the site for further security purposes. Cookies from third-party apps such as Google Adsense, google ads and google analytics are present in order to track user actions and movements. However, these cookies do not contain sensitive information such as names and emails and are used to simply enhance user experience.

If you wish to restrict the use of cookies, this can be done through browser setting. 

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